Sunday, April 10, 2016

Leaving St. Louis and ahow to Sail a RV!

We pulled out of St. Louis before 10am heading for Memphis in a light rain. By lunch the rain had stopped but the wind had picked up big time! The wind was terrible and gusty and we could see the storm fronts moving around us. Suddenly we heard a terrible flapping noise like the sound of a flat tire without the bumping up ad down. We eased over on the side of the interstate to investigate. In the now pouring rain we found that our awning had started pulling out and was acting like a sail. Now I love sailing but not in a RV down the interstate. Try as we might we could not adjust the awning at all. we limped the few hundred feet to the next exit to find a place to park and work on it. We ended up pulling in front of a school and trying unsuccessfully to fix the problem as lightening boomed and rain poured. Our Garmin showed a RV Park less than 3 miles up the small access road that ran beside I-55 south which we had been traveling. Inching along at less than 25 miles per hour we made our way down the road to discover no RV Park but there was a truck stop just a couple more miles away. When we got to the truck stop the rain had stopped but not the wind. We managed to wrestle the awning all the way out so that we could then rewind it properly. Then we made sure that we secured it including duct taping that sucker before getting back on I-55 and heading to the nearest Walmart 30 miles away. Oh and during this we entered Arkansas also.We parked at Walmart and collapsed for the night.

 Stayed to busy to take many pictures until we had things fixed up. The last pic was the next morning.

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