Friday, September 30, 2016

Change of direction, the beach and good friends.

 Just noticed that I never published the last leg of our Spring trip. Here it is if you are interested.

Checking the weather the next morning we discovered that the cold front that had come through was also dipping all the way down into Memphis and Mobile Al.. We had decided to take that route to avoid the wind rain and freezing temps. We changed our route and backtracked north about 15 miles and got on I-40 toward Nashville then on to Knoxville and cut out around 300 miles from our original route to N Myrtle Beach. Back up to Missouri  took a right and into Tennessee to cross the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains. The first thing I noticed entering Tennessee was how lush and green it was.Coning from out west where where there is a lot of bald rock  the difference was stunning. On the way from Nashville to Knoxville we ran up on a multi car pile up that backed up traffic for miles. There didn't appear to be any injuries but it did take over an hour to travel what should have taken 10 minutes.We stopped for the night in Knoxville and then on to North and South Carolina and the Beach. We did notice a difference in temperatures when going over the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains of around 25 degrees from the lower to the higher elevations. And since we were traveling the mountains during the day the snow that had been forecast for the night before was no where to be seen and the wind was a piece of cake compared to what we had experienced leaving St. Louis.

can you see the smoke rising. Yep that is why they call them the Smokey Mountains!

Interstate fender bender. I lost count at 8 cars involved.

These Mountains are definitely different than the Rockies!

Aha! finally the beach!

Our good friend Mike N Myrtle Beaches City Manager, showing us the town.

I think this was the only time there wasn't a truck in view on I-40!

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