Monday, August 21, 2017

We took of on September 20th 2016 for the big apple. That is right Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls the works.Pulled into our first Walmart just below Charlotte North Carolina, went into courtesy check to see if we could stay overnight even though there was another RV there already and they said NO. We were bummed but took off and pulled in to another Walmart up the road about 20 miles and they said YES! Man were we happy.All of this is the night that there were riots and they even had the interstate closed for a bit in Charlotte. God looked after us and we had an amazing dinner slept like babies and continued north without incident. We continued north and ended up at Fla-Net RV Park in New Jersey. The park was ok  but very hard to find (do not follow your GPS as you will end up on a dead end road) and has numerous low hanging trees getting to the entrance. It does back up to a Chili's and a Macaroni Grill that we walked to for dinner. We unfortunately arrived in the middle of the owners family feud  which made things a little awkward checking in.We looked into a RV Park in New York City with access to public transportation to get to the Statue of Liberty etc. but they only had a couple of spots for dry camping only ( the same thing we do at Walmart for free) for $90 a night. We decided to change our plans and head on to Niagara Falls.

Found a convenient RV Park where the manager would give us a ride to the falls and pick us up when we were ready to come back for less than the cost of a taxi. We had a wonderful time at the Falls and would definitely come back. After getting our Falls Fix we looked at heading back to NY City the following day but it was the day of the Presidential debate there. No way were we going to try to negotiate around that madness so we headed west.

Mount Rushmore very cool!
Crazy Horse much bigger and great museum!

Great seeing one of the young people from our church that are stationed way out here in South Dakota!

The Air and Space Museum where they are stationed was phenomenal!

Statues of Presidents on every corner. Very Nice!
Mount Rushmore and Niagara Falls checked off our bucket list. Now on to see some old friends in Salt Lake City.

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